A girl doing twerking with some glasses rayban

A very sexy girl

was doing a hot twerking with some glasses that made her very attractive. She was down the street where there are many shops that are very famous in her city and suddenly she finds a spectacle store and stares at the showcase hallucinating to see that there were the pictures she liked, without thinking what comes in and she says to the boy who was in the shop as a dependent, how much were those glasses that are in the store window? The boy tells him that they are the last ones that he has left but that he is willing to sell them to change a twerk like the ones on the website that teaches, And the girl as she is a sexy girls says you know that if I do she will have to give them and he tells her that a deal is a deal, So the girl starts up she puts on a very hot clothes for him to depend he is hallucinated and he puts his ass up while he is on his knees on the floor and starts doing the twerking like a teacher, what the boy did not know that she knew very well how to dance like that, before doing the twerk boy said I’m going to close the store if ac Your boss will come in and catch you with the girl doing the show and you’ll be fired, While you keep on dancing and changing position, leave her with the open mouth of the hip movement so subtle and exciting that this woman has.

But to be able to earn what he said

She had to do a little better and make it more sexual if she says you can dance with less clothes, she replies that she is done to if she puts on a very hot underwear and ends up winning her prize.